Historical Calendar. National Historical Institute, Manila, 1996.

1 October

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Simon de Anda y Salazar is appointed lieutenant governor and captain-general by the Archbishop who does so in his capacity as governor and captain-general of the Philippines.  Due to the British invasion, Anda leaves Manila and establishes capital in Bacolor, Pampanga, and proclaims himself governor.


The King of Spain proclaims the abolition of the Spanish Cortes and the Constitution.


The Professional School is founded.  Accounting, business correspondence, mathematics, French, English, and other similar subjects are taught free of charge.  The school is housed in the same building as the Nautical Academy.


Manila is rocked by a strong earthquake.


Inauguration of the Academy of Pedagogy, an association of well-trained teachers.


The peace negotiations between Spain and the United States start.  The knottiest problem confronting the commissioners is the disposal of the Philippines.  To the Americans the Philippines is terra incognita; General Merritt and other officials familiar with the subject go to Paris to furnish the necessary information to the Peace Conference.

President McKinley receives Felipe Agoncillo in Washington.

Cayetano Arellano takes his oath of office for the portfolio of Foreign Affairs together with Dr. T. H. Pardo de Tavera, who is sworn in as Director of Diplomacy.


The new Filipino delegation headed by General Alejandrino, confers with American authorities.


The Philippine Independent Church is established in the house of Francisca de Liza Vda. De Ocampo, at No. 54 Espeleta, Sta. Cruz, Manila, where ten Filipino secular priests, headed by Father Gregorio Aglipay, sign the Constitution of the new Church, which officially declares itself emancipated from the authority of the Roman Catholic Pope.


The first convention of provincial governors of provincial governors is held in Manila.


The first official census under the Republic is taken and its results are compiled by the Bureau of Census and Statistics.  It is the first census to be taken by an all-Filipino staff, headed by Dr. Leon Ma. Gonzales.  By special proclamation of the President, this day is designated as "Census Day."

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