Historical Calendar. National Historical Institute, Manila, 1996.

17 October

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Bishop Domingo Salazar calls a council of various ecclesiastical dignitaries to discuss the liberation of Filipino slaves held by the Spaniards.  This council assails the delay caused by Governor Gonzalo Ronquillo de Peñalosa and other civil officials, in the emancipation of Filipino slaves contrary to the King's order and declares "the freedom of the Filipinos can not be deferred as it is a matter of natural and divine right and clear justice."


A Royal decree rules that the cabezas de barangay be elected if they preserve their Cabecerias and the collection of tributes.


The Social Security, a voluntary association for social security, is founded.


Birth of Dr. Maximo Viola, the friend of Rizal who is responsible for financing the publication of the Noli.  Died on September 3, 1933.


Father Gregorio Aglipay proclaims the establishment of a new religious sect in Manila to be known as the "Aglipayan Church."  Aglipay formally separates himself from Rome and celebrates Mass as the "Obispo Maximo of the Philippine Independent Church."


The Philippine Independence Act, otherwise known as the Hares-Hawes-Cutting Act, is rejected by the Philippine Legislature.  Objections are made to the provisions of the law regarding American-Philippine Trade relations, which are disadvantageous to the Philippines and to the retention of naval reservations by the United States, a step which violates the national dignity and sovereignty.

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