Historical Calendar. National Historical Institute, Manila, 1996.

4 November

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The British authorities issue a proclamation permitting the Filipino residents of Tondo (Manila) the free exercise of the Catholic religion, exempting them from the tribute and forced labor, and granting them other rights enjoyed by British subjects, on condition that they immediately renounce the allegiance they have pledged to Governor Anda.


British of Lorenzo Guerrero, painter and teacher of the great Filipino masters of the 19th century, in Ermita, Manila.  Died on April 8, 1904.


Execution of Apolinario de la Cruz, religious leader and martyr.


Birth of Jaime de Veyra, patriot, statesman, scholar and journalist, in Tanauan, Leyte.  Died on March 7, 1963.


Sedition Law, Act No. 292, is passed by the Philippine Commission to suppress agitations for Philippine independence.

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