Historical Calendar. National Historical Institute, Manila, 1996.

9 November

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King Charles II promulgates a royal ordering the secularization of all parishes as soon as they become vacant.


Birth of Teodora Alonzo, mother of Dr. Jose Rizal.  Died on August 23, 1991.


Birth of General Mariano Llanera, revolutionary general, and leader of the "first cry of Neuva Ecija," in Cabiao Nueva Ecija.  Died on September 19, 1942.


Birth of Teodoro R. Yangco, shipping man, business magnate, philanthropist, in San Antonio, Zambales.  Died April 20, 1939.


Ramon Basa, second President of the Katipunan, is initiated into this organization, adopting the symbolic name Liwanag.


Governor Leonard Wood abolishes the Board of Control on the ground that it is unconstitutional since its powers properly belong only to the Chief Executive.


The Institute of National Language recommends Tagalog to the basis of the national language.

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