Historical Calendar. National Historical Institute, Manila, 1996.

8 September

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Birth of Vicente Ilustre, poet lawyer, propagandist, and patriot, in Taal, Batangas.  He died in 1928.


Birth of Adriano Hernandez, musician, delegate to the Malolos Congress, revolutionary general and first Filipino director of the Bureau of Agriculture (now Bureau of Plant Industry).  Died on February 16, 1925.


The steamer Isla de Panay, with Dr. Jose Rizal on board, reaches Singapore on its way to Spain and Cuba.  Pedro Roxas, a Filipino revolutionary asks Rizal to leave the vessel and join him.

Upon learning of Rizal's history as a radical, the Council of Ministers in Madrid decides to have him imprisoned at Montjuich Castle as soon as he arrives in Barcelona.


General Otis demands the withdrawal of Filipino forces from the entire city of Manila, its suburbs, and defenses.


The Philippine Commission certifies to the President of the United States that peace exists in the Philippines.

The war between the Philippines and the United States is officially declared at an end, but the law against treason and sedition is not repealed.


The diocese of Lucena, Quezon, is established.


The San Francisco Peace Treaty between Japan and 48 Allied Powers, including the Philippines, is signed in San Francisco, California.


The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization is organized with the United States, Great Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Thailand and the Philippines as members.

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